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Cordova Community Recycling

Reduce, reuse, recycle and revise…..the four ‘R’s of working on a recycling program in a rural community. The City of Cordova attempted a large scale residential recycling pick up program and unfortunately net outcomes showed we weren’t reaping the results we predicted.  Time to revise and revamp.

The goals of Cordova’s recycling program were and always have been:

  • To reduce the waste stream into the landfill. More space in the landfill makes for a longer life for our current landfill saving closing costs and the expense of beginning to look for a new site.
  • To maintain a feasible, cost-effective program for recycling that makes sense economically and is a workable plan for the Refuse Division.
  • To generate revenue from a recycling program to help keep Refuse rates down.
  • To become more of an environmentally responsible community and ‘do the right thing!’

How to Recycle

You can participate in our community recycling efforts by sorting aluminum cans and cardboard/paper.  Organics can be composted to produce fresh earth for Cordova gardens.  Plastic lids can be saved for our community art project.


How Much Trash Does the Community Produce?

The average waste stream for our community is about 1675 bales of trash per year.  75 are bales that consist of recycling; of those 60 are cardboard and paper; 4 are aluminum; the remainder are plastic and glass.  

Aluminum makes the most money from recycling; cardboard and paper make some money and it removes the most volume from the landfill.

Where do I take Recyclables

Aluminum Cans: Bins are located off Harbor Loop Road,and in front of the Post Office.

Cardboard and Paper: Bins are located off Harbor Loop Road.

Used batteries:  A bin for household batteries is located in front of the Post Office. Vehicle and Boat batteries should go to NAPA.

Net Recycling: Brown conex near Redden Net along Harbor Loop Road.

Used Oil:  Two locations – along Harbor Loop Road and next to the public restrooms at the North Harbor.

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