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Choosing to Engage with our Fuel Tanks

September is National Preparedness Month. Cordova has come a long way in the past few years with regards to disaster preparedness….and we have a long way to go.  For every idea we have developed, there are many more ideas we would like to develop. It takes time. And money. And an attitude of engagement.

This month, National Preparedness Month, we can engage. Let’s do it. Let’s choose one disaster preparation idea and decide to DO it. Choose one good intention and follow through on it.

Maybe we should, as a community, collectively choose to address our fuel tanks and try to prepare. We certainly have lots of them around. Many are not sufficiently secured. Many are desperately in need of some TLC. Have you ever driven through  town and looked at our plethora of tanks?  Big tanks. Little tanks. Drab tanks. Colorful tanks.  Freshly painted tanks. Rusty tanks. Tanks at precarious angles. Tanks with stuff leaning against them. It’s a little sobering. And most of us don’t really worry too much about it. Maybe you have looked at your fuel tank for the past 10 years and wondered what would happen to it if we had an earthquake?  Or a flood? Or maybe you have never wondered that. Maybe you should. Maybe we ALL should.  Maybe I should. Fuel tank leaks can easily cause these environmental and health problems:

  • contaminate drinking water wells, ground water, and soil;
  • foul septic systems requiring their replacement;
  • cause odor and health problems in the home; and 
  • contaminate stormwater drains, sewers, drainage ditches and surface water.

And each of these problems could potentially cost, quite literally, thousands of dollars to correct.  Maybe we should PREPARE.

Did you know that we Alaskan homeowners are liable for the cost of spill cleanup from home heating oil tanks on our property if our insurance company does not cover it?  Please check your insurance policy to see if you are covered. But, better yet…stabilize your fuel tanks. Take care of your fuel tanks. Get educated about your fuel tanks. Maybe check out this site:

…and get prepared. Choose, this National Preparedness Month, to engage.

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