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Cordova, it’s Time to be Prepared for Disaster

It is prudent to be prepared. We all know that. We just don’t usually do it.

Recent events, particularly the H1N1 flu threat and the potential for ash fallout reminds us all that, even in Cordova, Alaska, we should be prepared to face a community-wide public health emergency . To that end, the city of Cordova is currently updating the Emergency Management plan. This is an “all-hazards” plan that will guide the actions of the Emergency Management Team in the event of any city-wide emergency, from a plane crash to an earthquake to a pandemic flu.

Part of that plan is to prepare the citizens of Cordova. It is assumed and understood that, in the event of a large scaled event, the city would have to fend for themselves for at least seven days until outside help would arrive…and very possibly more time than that. Each individual family should be absolutely prepared to support themselves for a week…at home…without any outside help.

Is your family ready? Would you have enough drinking water if the city water source were interrupted and you could not drive to the springs? Does your family have a disaster plan, so your children would know what to do in the case of an earthquake? During the next 6 months, this column , in short and concise articles, will address many of the issues we all face as we learn to prepare. Be watching. Be prudent. Be ready. In the meantime, check out and click on the Ready America link.

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