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Welcome to the official Disaster Preparedness page for Cordova, Alaska. Cordova Prepared is your local resource to help you become EDUCATED and READY. The resources found here will help you in that endeavor. In the event of a REAL disaster regular situation updates will be posted on the City of Cordova's home page.

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Tsunami Information

Click HERE for Tsunami Inundation Maps of Cordova and Tatitlek, Alaska

Click HERE for Cordova Tsunami Evacuation Information


Be Safe - Shelter In Place

How can you potentially save a life? Be prepared to "shelter in place" during an emergency.

Sometimes, your current location can be the best place to ride out an emergency. If you are advised by local officials to "shelter in place", they mean for you to remain inside your home, workplace, or school and protect yourself.

Download our Shelter in Place brochure to learn about what you need to include in your Shelter in Place KIT and how to prepare various locations for Shelter in Place.  

Cordova Emergency Operations Plan

This Emergency Operations Plan was adopted by the Cordova City Council in May of 2010 and updated in November of 2011. Numerous members of the Cordova EMO (Emergency Managment Organization) , a group consisting of over 30 local agencies/businesses provided input to each and every part of the plan.

The document consists of the EOP Basic Plan as well as numerous EOP Annexes (each dedicated to a specific function or potential disaster). The Reference section includes the call-out Roster, Cordova's Hazard Analysis, local Memoranda of Understanding, and other general reference materials.

Be Prepared! - Informational Articles Published in the Local Paper

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