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3rd South Fill Meeting Report Back

April 30, 2013


  • It would be helpful to add information regarding “potential income” or “revenue” to “Section B. Gains/Achieves” for each project. For example, what are the projected revenues related to fill, additional property/sales taxes? 
  • Overviews are just a beginning. Based on the feedback at this meeting, confirming the general direction makes sense (i.e. we are still meeting the goals of the SFCA), we need to learn a lot more about the different options and feasibility of potential projects.
  • Focus of this meeting is on the SFCA projects. Other projects shown in the overviews document and correlated maps, would ultimately become part of the harbor redesign and/or other larger waterfront planning efforts.


Short-Term Projects

Sidewalk Projects

  • Need to include what the Cordova Center plans. These plans currently show connectivity from Main Street to Nicholoff Road.
  • Should possibly add painted crosswalk from the pool to Nicholoff. 

Sawmill to South Fill Connection

  • Add lights to the connection to deter kids from hanging out there after dark and getting into trouble.
  • Fill cost could be different: some fill costs could be substantially less dependent on what “fill” you use. Quality of the middle compared to the outer fill.
  • Could the dirt pile at the South Harbor be given to residents or can they pay for the fill? City Council has requested the fill be gone within a month. It will be moved and it is not the best fill as it has broken glass in it.
  • In terms of cost, would it be cheaper to have a narrower sidewalk? Isn’t the 10 feet shown in the draft project overview the size of a road? Actually, the 10 feet is needed for emergency vehicle access. Also, it is definitely the group’s consensus that the connection, as mentioned in previous meetings, be a pathway. Makes sense for the intended use, including kids that are using the baseball field.
  • What about the manholes for the sewer line in the slough? According to Public Works, the sewer lines will continuously be raised and then will be capped off wherever the top is.
  • The costs for this project seem exorbitant. Do we really have to make it a “safe pathway” for youth? Where are the documents supporting the need for a “safe route”? Why do we have to provide that? Youth will use the easiest access point, no matter what. Still, seems there is strong support for some form of a “pathway connection”. However, perhaps the other sidewalk projects should become a priority of the Southfill to Sawmill, especially given the cost of the Sawmill project.

Development Study

  • Is there a way to include existing and available residential property as part of this study? In other words, we need to consider the larger land use needs, as compared to existing conditions. You can build all the commercial property you want, where are people going to live?

Medium-Term Projects


  • Again, a missing component in the project overviews related to project-specific considerations is the revenue generating portion; need to get some basic level of understanding of what new commercial property and future changes will bring us. How will these changes help us achieve the goal of creating new revenue and economic development opportunities for the City, community?

Square off the Current SFCA

  • The additional boat ramp and the “squaring off the South Fill” projects need to go hand-in-hand, since there isn’t that much room down there now.
  • Maybe take more boat parking into consideration: not just commercial parking. The other item to add to the list is having a maintenance area.
  • If the additional boat ramp continues to stay as an option, you should probably extend the new fill further in order to allow for boat parking/maintenance areas.

Additional Sidewalks

  • From the Project Overviews, SW3: Is that going over the water? Would imagine it would be some sort of cantilever boardwalk and then connecting to the sidewalks.
  • Need the right type of equipment to take care of the sidewalks in the winter: due to the current state of the sidewalks.
  • All the sidewalks seem to be high priority: it’s all dependent on funding sources.
  • Completion of sidewalks 2 and 6 could potentially eliminate the need for the Sawmill/South Fill Connection. NVE’s safety study could possibly help with this.
  • Still trying to observe and assess the North Fill Ramp Plan impact on the Baja Taco Ramp.
  • Shouldn’t ignore the Reluctant waterside sidewalk: people walk over there.
  • Make the stairway by the Curran’s house (from HS to Railroad Ave) safer since kids use it right now.

Sawmill to South Connection Step-by-Step Overview – Understanding project process from beginning to longer-term O+M

  • Need to add “permitting” as an additional step at multiple times during a project planning, implementation process.
  • There is not the same degree of enthusiasm for the Sawmill/South Fill Connection this evening. It is a reality check having some rough numbers in front of us that shows potential investment. Better long-term investment may be in the sidewalks that help to address part of the safety need, getting kids from one place to another, safely.

Near-Term Action Plan

  • List projects by their objectives rather than by Short, Medium, Long Term so you can address them a little easier: can articulate the safety concern using that method.
  • Sidewalk planning can tie into the near term action plan.
  • Have a conversation with the State regarding the land near the current boat ramp and if it’s possible to use some of their land.
  • Get a group of people together to plant wildflowers at the South Fill Commercial Area.
  • Someone is working on getting a covered area installed around fisherman’s memorial.
  • We could also make interpretive signs more attractive.
  • Sidewalks 2 and 6 should come closer to the near term.
  • Harbor Re-Design: do a feasibility study in the short term.
  • Current sidewalks need to be plowed (with special equipment) in the wintertime.
  • Use volunteer effort if possible: especially for beautification.
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