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2nd South Fill Meeting Report Back

April 16, 2013

 ~Group 1~


  • Gazebo low priority

Add/emphasize as high priorities

  • Pocket parks
  • Bring back 72-hour parking, move dirt.  
  • Move quickly on sawmill road-high school pathway – but a path, not a road.
  • Assess redevelopment options – encourage use of downtown property.


  • Greenbelt? – primarily a walkway (vs. a focus on plantings)
  • Culverts – wouldn’t be successful in southwest location shown.

Add/emphasize as high priorities

  • Move fire station.
  • Issues with fire station location is tied to tsunami zone; State is working on but hasn’t yet released final study; City can’t get funding for Fire Station until that issue is resolved.


  • Extension of fill towards west is not a good idea because that area, like area to the south, is mostly mudflats with value for shorebirds; other species (not clear relative value of west extension area vs. south).
  • Sheet pile on the side of harbor breakwater – lower priority than other two locations
  • Other sheet piles higher priority – north highest, south second, harbor-side lowest


~Group 2~


Add/emphasize as high priorities

  • Path to high school – use a bridge rather than fill
  • Sidewalks to downtown
  • Boat ramp/ space for landing craft

Lower priorities – gazebos on breakwater


Add/emphasize as high priorities

  • Move up access to higher priorities, near term; aim to create a continuous outer, ocean side pathway around edge of fill that connects to breakwater.


  • Yes on culverts, even if not working at all tides; southwest corner most needs flushing.
  • Greenbelt – some green, some beautification, but mostly trails and benches


  • Confusion about breakwater options – don’t want to create barrier to possible eventual expansion of the harbor; don’t place fill on outside of breakwater.
  • Along breakwater – extend sheet pile north just far enough to create deeper water in that area and space for a boat ramp.
  • If there is a need for fill use the area extending westward.


 ~Group 3~

Trident says:

  • Issues with a number of the recommendations
    • SW harbor culvert won’t work; conflicts with existing 6” outfall; moving line requires big costs, difficult permit issues.
    • NW culvert would work
    • Trident sidewalk not possible – TSA safety area

 Add/emphasize as high priorities

  • Better management of trash is a priority; get a dumpster grant.
  • Parking more of a priority use of fill than new buildings.
  • Pocket parks
  • New fill to create path to high school.
  • Pedestrian access – into harbor area from downtown; along water within harbor
  • Use wood resin for dust control, replace chip seal.
  • Fill on western end might impact expectations of existing fill businesses.

Gazebo lower priority; build a gazebo it’s a trash collection point; also very windy.


 ~Group 4~

Add/emphasize as high priorities

  • Missing – fill on original south side 
  • Trash is less of visible problem – people are ditching things in the ocean before they get into the harbor, because getting rid of trash at the harbor is difficult. Need to improve options for legal trash disposal.
  • Tsunami warning sign is an eyesore. It’s in a high risk seismic zone, so might not function in the case of an earthquake when it might be needed.
  • Paving a priority
  • Timeline: sawmill-high school trail should be short term priority.
  • Agree with prioritization among three sheet pile locations offered by another group; move to near-term for permitting, construction to mid-term on CIP list for highest priority.  
  • As mentioned by other groups – southwest sheet pile would be limited only to area of proposed boat launch.
  • Culverts opening into mudflats were environmental/permitting problem in Valdez – outflow of polluted water (shallow one not doable). Flushing out is priority, feasibility is a question to be worked out.


~Group 5~

  • Prioritize everything that is pedestrian related – high school, sawmill connection as a priority, a pedestrian path (proposed by this group, not by others: provide option for gill net boat to pass under pathway to get access to existing private parcel).
  • Perimeter pathway, for visitors, for residents; with signage.
  • Square off western edge with more fill, space for pocket parks; (less impact on shorebirds; less impact on landowners).
  • Proposed by this group, not by others: harbor master building raised a floor or two, with space underneath for services, businesses.


Summary of Priorities from all breakout groups:

  • Same as Group Five plus below
  • Deal with stagnant harbor water; throwing sport fishing carcasses into harbor is a bad practice. Although, harbormaster points out that state “clean harbor” person said that Cordova has relatively little sport fishing, so actually a quite minor issue.
  • Solve boat ramp issue – Cordova depends on sport fishing.
    • North fill ramp – is not apples to apples; not going to replace south/Baja Taco ramp, won’t work for single person; need a boat ramp where harbor is; a place where you take care of business.
    • Southwest corner could work for a boat ramp, if portion of new fill devoted to those functions.
    • Adding a second ramp in harbor doesn’t alleviate any traffic.
    • Crane is a priority in making north ramp a true alternative to the existing ramp – plan for a crane at the north ramp, but not at floating dock. Note: people who don’t have slips in the harbor – subsistence and sport users for example – will be more prone to using the north ramp.
    • Sheet pile in three phases:
      • North side is place to start.
      • Majority of cost for sheet pile projects is sheet pile itself; addition of fill is a relatively minor cost. Consequently adding sheet pile with minimal fill, as is proposed for the harbor, is potentially a high cost project with only modest benefits.
      • Pocket parks yes, with realism about what will or will not grow in Cordova; gazebo not a high priority.
      • Cleaning up trash is a priority.
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