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South Fill Project Summary

Following all the public meetings, a Southfill Project Summary was provided to and accepted by the Planning and Zoning Commission. The document is available to the public by downloading it here.

1st South Fill Meeting Report Back

March 26, 2013

Big Picture

  • Need to think about the waterfront as a whole.
  • City has done and is continuing to do a lot of waterfront planning; need to re-examine and take advantage (workshop coming up April 8th, 6:30 on North Fill, for example).
  • Think broadly about what constitutes “waterfront” (“1st Street, even 2nd Street could be part of “waterfront” with better access;” “we need to better use what we have”).
  • Is there a budget for these South Fill and other waterfront improvements? Need to think about how best to spend finite community resources; is there actually demand for more land? Is the town actually growing? Read more: 1st South Fill Meeting Report Back

2nd South Fill Meeting Report Back

April 16, 2013

 ~Group 1~


  • Gazebo low priority

Add/emphasize as high priorities

  • Pocket parks
  • Bring back 72-hour parking, move dirt.  
  • Move quickly on sawmill road-high school pathway – but a path, not a road.
  • Assess redevelopment options – encourage use of downtown property.


  • Greenbelt? – primarily a walkway (vs. a focus on plantings)
  • Culverts – wouldn’t be successful in southwest location shown.
Read more: 2nd South Fill Meeting Report Back

3rd South Fill Meeting Report Back

April 30, 2013


  • It would be helpful to add information regarding “potential income” or “revenue” to “Section B. Gains/Achieves” for each project. For example, what are the projected revenues related to fill, additional property/sales taxes? 
  • Overviews are just a beginning. Based on the feedback at this meeting, confirming the general direction makes sense (i.e. we are still meeting the goals of the SFCA), we need to learn a lot more about the different options and feasibility of potential projects.
  • Focus of this meeting is on the SFCA projects. Other projects shown in the overviews document and correlated maps, would ultimately become part of the harbor redesign and/or other larger waterfront planning efforts.


Read more: 3rd South Fill Meeting Report Back
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