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Leasing and/or Purchasing City Property

Every year, the Planning Department prepares a set of maps (Land Disposal Maps) that show the current status of all City-owned land. There are four designations for City-owned land:

1. Available – Available to purchase, lease, or lease with an option to purchase. 

2. Not Available – The identified property is NOT available for sale. A response will be sent to the interested party stating that the parcel is not available for purchase. These parcels include protected watersheds, substandard lots, snow dumps and other lots used by the city. 

3. Leased – These are lots currently leased to a business or government entity by the City and are not available during the lease term. There are leases that are short term renewing every two years and others are long term leases with substantial improvements on the property. At the end of the lease term the property becomes available for disposal.

4. Tidelands – All requests to purchase tideland will be reviewed by the Planning Commission as they are received. The Planning Commission will make a recommendation on disposing of the tidelands to City Council.

In January, the Land Disposal Maps go to the Planning Commission for approval and the Commission has the opportunity to change the map designations. Once they are approved by the Planning Commission, they then go to the City Council for approval. After City Council approval, the maps become the current maps and are released to the public. This process is done yearly in order to update the maps and change the designations. Land status is subject to change from year to year at the Planning Commission’s discretion.

There are several large parcels of land depicted on the Land Disposal Maps as ‘Available.’ Many of these parcels contain City improvements or other features the City would not dispose of (i.e. Eyak Lake Cemetery, water infrastructure, etc.). City improvements or interests within the large parcels will be identified in the request for proposals or bid documents.  The subdivision and re-plat of the City interests will be the responsibility of the purchasers of the property.

The following is the typical process one would follow if they were interested in purchasing land from the City.

Step 1: Determine whether or not land is Available. Verify with the current Land Disposal Maps that the land you are interested in is shown as Available. Letters of interest concerning land labeled as Not Available will be disregarded. However, because the Land Disposal Maps are updated every January by the Planning Commission, you could ask that the Commission consider changing a particular portion of land from Not Available to Available when they are in the process of approving the maps.

Step 2: Submit a letter of interest to the City Manager.

Step 3: Planning Commission Review. Planning Department staff schedule the item for review at the first available Commission meeting. Following review, the Commission makes a recommendation to City Council for disposal of the property and the preferred method of disposal.

Step 4: City Council Review. City Council considers the Commission's recommendation and decides on the request for lease or purchase only. If City Council puts the property out for proposals, Council directs the City Manager to begin the public process by "noticing" how the land is to be disposed and any associated performance or development criteria. The information must be publicly noticed for 30 days before any further action occurs. (If Council denies the request, whether in agreement with, or contrary to the Commission's recommendation, the City takes no further action.)

Step 5: Planning Commission Review. Following the 30-day public notice period, the Commission reviews proposals received during that time at the next available Commission meeting. Based on the review, the Commission selects and recommends the preferred proposal to City Council.

Step 6: City Council Review. City Council reviews the Commission's recommendation on all proposals and decides on whether to approve the preferred proposal. If City Council approves the request, Council directs the City Manager to dispose of the property with any associated performance or development criteria. (If Council denies any, or all, proposals, whether in agreement with, or contrary to the Commission's recommendation, the City takes no further action.)

Step 7: Lease and/or sale initiation. The City Manager and staff work with the successful applicant to initiate the lease and/or sale agreement in accordance with Council's direction and City Code.


For more information, contact the City Planning Department at (907) 424-6220 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Last updated: 5/30/14

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