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Public Statement from Mayor Koplin

Cordova City Manager, Alan Lanning, has not resigned.  In fact, the City Council and Mayor are pleased with his performance and the Council and Manager Lanning are currently finalizing the details of an extension.  Due to the expiration of the manager’s current contract and the City Council’s strong desire to avoid leaving a vacancy, they are advertising for the City Manager’s position to acknowledge the months it can take to fill the position. This can help assure some continuity and a handoff or overlap from the current manager to next, if and when a successor becomes available and/or a contract extension expires.

Now Accepting Applications for City Manager

City Manager

Cordova, Alaska, Home-rule City incorporated in 1909, Council-Manager form of Government

Job Function: Chief Administrator
Salary: $120K+ (DOQ/DOE)
Position Type: full time, contract, exempt, salaried, confidential position; Cordova residency required during term of appointment
Population of City: 2,360
Location of Employment: 601 First Street Cordova in the Cordova Center

Posting Date: June 13, 2019
Deadline: open until filled, first review of applications beginning August 15, 2019
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CEC Installs Free Car Charging Stations

Cordova, AK – The City of Cordova and Cordova Electric Cooperative (CEC) stepped closer to becoming a more renewable, self-sustaining community by installing 4 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the city center on December 21st. The lower price of locally produced electricity supports Cordova’s economic self-sufficiency; the strategic goal of the City of Cordova. Selling more hydroelectricity helps increase renewable power production to 90% of energy sales by 2025; the strategic goal of Cordova Electric Cooperative. “Our dream is for Cordova to be 100% renewable and EV’s will play an important role in that,” said Clay Koplin, CEO of Cordova Electric. “EV’s can become a storage element of our Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium (GMLC) smart grid development work, in partnership with the Department of Energy and other national labs, by sinking excess hydro to vehicle batteries for later use, which results in our community becoming cleaner and stronger as the grid gains resiliency.”

The member-owners of CEC requested charging stations, indicating that it would influence their decision to purchase an electric vehicle. CEC announced via the CEC Facebook page that the new charging stations will be free to the public. “Research indicated that the affordable way to provide EV stations is to avoid the costly billing electronics and software that just don’t hold up in our weather,” explained Koplin. “It costs CEC less to provide the public charging service for free, so that’s what we’re doing.” CEC’s deployment plan includes installations by homeowners and businesses who have indicated interest, with CEC advising on charging station alternatives. The new Clipper Creek charging stations we selected will provide about 20 miles of driving range with a one-hour charge. “If demand grows as rapidly in Cordova as it has in other coastal Alaskan communities, we will soon feel the
pressure for more charging stations,” said Koplin.

CEC and the City of Cordova have collaborated on the stations for months, working with businesses and residents to identify locations that would have the greatest positive impact on parking, business development, social functions, and the local economy. The new centerpiece of Cordova, the Cordova Center, was selected as the preferred site, with two charging stations in the First Street parking lot serving the business district, and two charging stations in the lower parking lot serving the waterfront businesses and harbor. “I like the option of being able to own an electric car, bike, or scooter now,” said Sylvia Lange, owner of the Reluctant Fisherman, an iconic hotel and restaurant in the harbor. “Electric vehicles are here to stay – it’s great to have this option in Cordova,” said Lange.

In addition to serving the community, the charging stations are expected to attract and accommodate visitors to Cordova via the Alaska Marine Highway System. “The Tesla users group is looking for communities with electric vehicle charging stations to visit,” said John Harvill, a Cordova Tesla owner and member of the Alaska Tesla Users Group. Because the only road access to Cordova is by ferry, an EV charged in Anchorage can drive the 60 miles to the Whittier ferry terminal and recharge their vehicle when they get to Cordova. According to the chargers listed in, locating a charger in Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska, may be more difficult than finding one in coastal Alaska.

Cordova Electric Cooperative (CEC) is the sole provider of electric energy to the remote, coastal community of Cordova, Alaska. CEC owns and operates all power production and distribution facilities for the whole community. A small, nimble organization noted for creativity, innovation, talent, and achievement, CEC embraces the challenges of the energetic coastal environment in the North Pacific, and attracts the rugged, independent, success-oriented women and men that define the Cooperative.

Cordova Comprehensive Plan

Help us shape the future of Cordova! The Cordova Comprehensive Plan Update will be a community resource and guide for decision-making on topics including land use, housing, economic development, transportation and quality of life.

Please visit the project webpage in order to see updates and progress on the development of the plan. Sign up for email updates.

Crater Lake Feasibility Study

Please click the link below to download the Crater Lake Feasibility Study prepared for the City and Cordova Electric Cooperative

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