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Cordova Conversation on Community Policing: Community Survey Results

Click the link below for the PDF of the results from the Community Policing survey.


Non-Filers and Delinquent Sales Tax

As of Monday September 21st, 2020, the following businesses have unfiled sales tax returns with the City of Cordova:5.40.120 - Recovery of taxes—Delinquency date


Allison’s Wonderland & Wonderland II  -  Tax period ending 12/31/2019  -  Owner: Dave Allison

CDV Surveys  -  Tax Period ending 06/30/2020  -  Owner: Stephen Phillips

Cordova Net Supply  -  Tax Period ending 06/30/2020  -  Owner: Tim Swoboda

Dillon’s Rental  -  Tax Period ending 06/30/2020  -  Owner: Timothy Dillon

Everyday Explorers  -  Tax Period ending 06/30/2020  -  Owner: Sarah Phillips

Frontier Glass  -  Tax Period ending 12/31/18 & 12/31/19  -  Owner: Sam Slater

Global Diving & Salvage  -  Tax Period ending 06/30/2020  -  Owner: Devon Grennan

Hawk Construction  -  Tax Period ending 03/31 & 06/30/2020  -  Owner: Jeremy Kennison

Heavy Metal Construction  -  Tax Periods ending 09/30 & 12/31/2019, 03/31 & 06/30/2020  -  Owners: Alona and Wendall Dadulla

J4 Learning  -  Tax Periods ending 03/31, 06/30, 09/30, & 12/31/2019  -  Owner: James Thorne

Jennifer Pallas Photography  -  Tax Period ending 06/30/2020  -  Owner: Jennifer Pallas

Louie & Nina Alber  -  Tax Period ending 06/30/2020  -  Owner: Louie & Nina Alber

MLM Rentals  -  Tax Period ending 06/30/2020  -  Owner: Michael Meints

Oath Inc.  -  Tax Period ending 06/30/2020  -  Owner: Kathleen J. Makas

Outdoor Wild Nature  -  Tax Period ending 06/30/2020  -  Owner: Kanji Christian

Rainbow Forest  -  Tax Periods ending 06/30 & 07/31/2020  -  Owner: Amber Wasson

Riverside Inn & Airboat Tours  -  Tax Period ending 06/30/2020  -  Owners: Jack & Cherrie Stevenson       

RUS, Inc  -  Tax Period ending 12/31/2019  -  Owner: Tony Rus

Sadak LLC and Sadak Inc  -  Tax Period ending 06/30/2020  -  Owner: Dan Scott

Scribe Fit Fabrication  -  Tax Period ending 12/31/2019  -  Owner: Jeff Thelen

Southcentral Marine Surveys  -  Tax Period ending 06/30/2020  -  Owner: Enok P. Lian

Speer Rental  -  Tax Period ending 06/30/2020  -  Owner: Brian Speer

The Little Cordova Bakery  -  Tax Periods ending 09/30 & 12/31/2018, 03/31 & 06/30/2020  -  Owner: Theresa Carte

The Side Door Bread Company  -  Tax Periods ending 12/31/2018 and 12/31/2019  -  Owner: Glenn Van Dyck

Thumb & Thumber Enterprises  -  Tax Periods ending 06/30, 9/30, and 12/31/2019  -  Owner: John Whissel

Tiedeman Construction  -  Tax Periods ending 12/31/2019, 03/31, & 06/30/2020  -  Owner: Nicholaus Tiedeman

Uluation Arts & Crafts  -  Tax Periods ending 006/30, 9/30, & 12/31/2019  -  Owner: Mark Casey

Venturer Enterprise, LLC  -  Tax Period ending 06/30/2020  -  Owner: Lewis Eisaguirre


As of Monday September 21, 2020, the following businesses have owing an outstanding sales tax balance prior to January 1, 2020:    5.40.150 - Delinquent sales tax roll confidentiality.


Anchor Bar and Grill

Custom Hose & Tube LLC

Dillon’s Rental

Heavy Metal Welding

How Brewed     

Irene’s Place

North Shore Mobile Welding

Tiedeman Construction

Uluation Arts & Crafts

Temporary Closure of Cordova Burn-Pile

The ADOT is replacing the culverts at Fleming Lagoon Pond which requires the Burn Pile be pushed back toward the mountain (East) about 50 feet onto City property. 


The City of Cordova will temporarily close the Cordova Burn Pile from 6 AM on Tuesday September 29 through 7 PM Monday October 5th to move it out of the ADOT right of way and onto city property.  


The move will provide improved access, beautification of the area and will allow vehicles to completely pull off the road for safer access.


City request citizens not dump during the closure to expedite completion of the project and limit closure time.


For more information contact Sam Greenwood, Public Works Director, City of Cordova at 424-6231.

City announces economic stimulus plan

September 22, 2020


The City of Cordova has allocated $1 million of its CARES Act funding to mitigate the financial impacts of COVID-19 on Cordova residents and businesses. Funds will be issued directly to Cordova residents in the form of a CordovaCash card preloaded with funds to be used exclusively at Cordova-based businesses. The funds will directly impact Cordova’s economy through spending at local businesses.



  • Complete an application to ensure CordovaCash cards can be used at your business.
  • Make sure your business license is up to date.
  • Your business needs credit card processing capability and accept VISA. If not, consider signing up for Square, PayPal or any system that allows use of VISA cards.
  • Once approved, a representative of the City of Cordova or Cordova Chamber of Commerce will set up a time to swipe an activation card on your credit card processor so you will be ready to accept CordovaCash cards.



  • Complete the application.
  • Must have a physical address in Cordova and intend to reside in Cordova through the 2020-21 winter season. May need to confirm residency with utility bill, mail, lease or other document.
  • Must indicate how your household has been impacted by COVID-19 health emergency.
  • Once approved, CordovaCash cards will be issued in the following increments: $500 for each applicant and applicant spouse/partner, $300 for each dependent.  Cards will be distributed by mid-November.


Individual and Businesses can apply online at Applications are also available for in-person pickup at City Hall/Cordova Center Mon-Friday from 10-4 and in a folder outside the main doors of the Cordova Center. Questions can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call City Hall at 424-6200 or Cordova Chamber of Commerce at 424-7260.

The deadline to apply is October 16th.

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