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July 2, 2014 Water Update

As of July 2nd, the pumps at the Eyak Water Treatment plant have been turned on. The pumps are running 12-14 hours to keep up with water demand.

Please be conscious of water usage - especially over the holiday weekend.

Water Update May 22

As of May 22nd, The City’s water supply posture now is “cautionary”.  We are not in an emergency water shortage posture yet, but we have a long (and possibly dry) summer ahead of us after a winter of lower snowfall/snowmelt levels.

Our daily flows now are adequate, but continued dry weather most likely will increase our risk of near-future shortages if the normal local rainfall levels are not met.  All water customers should practice good conservation habits.   

If flows from our 3 mountain catchments drop off due to the end of snowmelt and lack of rainfall, then we may have to use Eyak Lake water and incur additional City expenses for pumping and filtering out of the lake.  Typically and on average, if we run 2 of the 4 pumps there for 16 hours each day, the City will incur about $2000 in additional DAILY costs for electricity, chemicals, and labor. 

Please use water sparingly with good conservation habits that may become more essential if our spring and summer continue to be dryer than normal.

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