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July 14, 2014 Water Update

Tanks and reservoirs are filling with the recent rain, but water demand is still high.  The good news is that Meals reservoir is 6” below the spillway.  The flow coming from Meals water treatment plant is 200gpm, the low flow allows Meals reservoir to fill & also for the turbidity in the reservoir to settle prior to being used.  Currently all other sources are running, including 2 pumps from the Eyak lake,  and meeting the current demand of 2600 gallons per minute.  

While this is all good news and will help the water situation,  the forecast is back to dry after the weekend.  Without snow runoff to replenish water supplies and high demands the reservoir and tanks will begin to become depleted again.   Throughout this summer season we need to continue to be conscious of our water usage.   

Special thanks to individuals helping out by reporting & repairing water leaks right away and also to for the ones reducing usage by conserving water.  Thank you from the Water Division!

July 10, 2014 Water Update

The City has done their best to let all its citizens know that we are currently facing a severe water shortage. As of yesterday, 7/9/2014, we had one empty tank, a low reservoir, and all of our other tank levels were dropping. Even with the water department pumping water from Eyak Lake, our tank levels continued to drop. The rain today and the scheduled rain in the forecast will help to replenish water supplies, although it will not solve the water shortage in the long run. Normally, there is abundant snow pack to provide run off to the City Water sources during dry weather.  This winter’s low snow accumulation has already melted so there is no source for the additional run off needed to be able to maintain the water levels in the tanks and reservoirs.  This is the first summer that water has been pumped from Eyak Lake to help maintain water supply to the City. 

The City will continue to face water shortages as the summer continues. Water conservation conditions will continue to be in effect.  We are asking that all citizens and business do their best to use water responsibly and conserve whenever possible.

July 5, 2014 Water Update

As of July 5th the Water Department is running one pump for 24 hours at the Eyak Water Treatment plant. Due to low snowpack and recent low rainfall, the level at Meals Reservoir is dropping and water demand remains very high.  The Water Department is balancing cost and demand as best as possible.  Tank levels are monitored hourly and when possible pumps are turned off.   All water customers are reminded to conserve water at every opportunity and eliminate non-essential uses.  

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