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August 22, 2014 Water Update

As of August 22nd, the City is running 2 of our 3 upland water sources and maintaining our storage tanks at full levels. The Water Division is lifting the emergency water shortage notice. We still ask all water customers to conserve water at every opportunity and eliminate non-essential uses. The City of Cordova, and especially the Water Division, would like thank all our customers for their help in using water responsibly.  

August 12, 2014 Water Update

The recent rain has helped our water supply at present. Water supplies are good for a few days. Now is good time to wash cars. The City will be flushing a few hydrants that have been awaiting adequate water supplies. Once the rain stops (forecast is maybe a week or so) we will need again to conserve.

July 25, 2014 Water Update

The Water Department is currently running all three main water sources and one pump at Eyak Lake.  The forecast continues to be the same with showers on and off for the next week, the run off flow from the mountains is
slowing down. Without snow runoff to replenish water supplies the reservoir and tanks will begin to become depleted again. Please continue be conscious of the water you are using. Thanks for the help

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